Jamaica Vacations

Jamaica vacations are outstanding opportunities to explore an unique culture and a way of life that's really quite unlike any other.  There are plenty of white sandy beaches, warm turquoise sea and swaying palm tress.  But there is also a lot more to Jamaica than that. 

Jamaica Vacations

Memories for A Lifetime

Away from the coast there are spectacular mountains and rivers, tumbling waterfalls, botanical gardens and challenging and spectacular hiking paths.

As you consider all of the options you have in terms of what you can do when you arrive, remember that these best vacation packages can be only as good as you make them.

Of course your best Jamaican vacation can be as varied as the island itself, and there are several ways to visit. 

Consider the following tips for planning your stay here:

Do think about booking a trip in advance and planning at least some of your stay. The key is to learn what there is to do and see and then to make any reservations necessary.

Or you may decide on a luxurious villa rental which can turn out to be even more economical than a resort, with the cost split among everyone.

Take some time to just sit and enjoy all that this country has to offer to you. What you'll find is that the culture and people, and even the Jamaica reggae music, can really make this vacation ideal. Get to know the locals.

This type of vacation is affordable.

You'll find some great vacation packages that will further reduce your costs and allow you to stay at some of the best hotels.

Many hotels charge peak season rates during Christmas and Easter, but you can always find great rates on a Sandals Jamaica Vacation.

When you're planning your family getaway, there are several things to consider.  Do spend your time enjoying the outdoors, one of the best features of this country.

You'll see and do everything from snorkeling and scuba diving to deep sea fishing and mountain climbing, if you'd like to. The beaches are another of the reasons so many visit this area.

Include Some Sport Activities

When you visit Jamaica, you may want to give some time to those activities that can really inspire you to get fit.

You could spend a few hours on 18 holes of golf at one of the many golf courses here. You could enjoy a game of tennis, something that's quite popular in the country.

Check out a local game or two when you're here, too.  That is a great way to experience the culture.

More To Do On Your Jamaica Vacations

While visiting be really open in terms of what you can do and see, and remember to give yourself enough time.

You'll want to attend some of the events and festivals that occur throughout the year.  You can also take advantage of the fabulous shopping and the elegant and traditional dining.

The nightlife is also something worth visiting for.  With its mixture of modern and old world lifestyles, everyone who enjoys Jamaica vacations will find something that is right for them.

What To Pack And When To Go

Jamaica is a year round destination, so summer is always here, just in varying degrees.

Jamaica airport
Ease your airport confusion and get the virtual lay and familiarize yourself with the airport you'll be using ahead of time. When traveling with a large family this can be a tension reliever. You can check to see what food, shops or even meditation rooms are available.

Travel restrictions abound so pack light, remember you'll be laying out on the beach a lot. So don't pack anything you haven't found use for on any of your past trips.

Make a packing list of all the clothes you'll be wearing, especially if you are traveling with children or elderly parents. Streamline your luggage by leaving behind things you always regret carrying.

The winter season runs from early December through to mid April when hotel prices are highest. 

But weather-wise, temperature isn't an important factor because winter is usually warm during the day and mild to cool at night.

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