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My dear Visitor, welcome to our About Us page for Jamaica-Reggae-Music-Vacation.com. I hope you'll find this website interesting, helpful and as a source of information about this Caribbean jewel. We are hoping you'll fall in love with our rainbow of colors country.

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We decided to write about our love of Jamaica, a country that attract visitors from around the world. Even though we have millions of tourist visiting Jamaica, its beauty is still so vibrant, our beaches are spectacular, our music festivals are the best in the world, with championship golf courses for your enjoyment complete with our rich historical culture.

We are still rated as one of the most scenic island in the Caribbean and even on the earth.

This page is about, my husband, Patrick and I, Donna love of our island Jamaica.  Both of us are Jamaican born, lived in Jamaica for the first thirty-five years and thirty-two years, respectively, of our lives.  We then moved to the United States of America, for employment related reasons, and now live in United States permanently but visit Jamaica often.  

We searched for a way to tell our story and also at the same time earn an income.  A friend lead us to the company below and I want to pass on the information to you so you too can create a website, Blog or even a Word Press all in one place.

So This Is What Our Website Is About:

  • Provide you with a variety of information that will help you make your Jamaica experience exciting and enjoyable when you visit or to buy property.

  • You are supporting Jamaica's tourism every time you visit. It is very important to the island's economy, especially job creation.

  • Inform you of the best hotels and what they have to offer. The many festivals throughout the year, how to plan a destination wedding, or enjoy your honeymoon here.

  • Renew your spirit when enjoying the beach, food, activities and attractions islandwide.

Seasons are non-existent here with warm temperatures throughout the year.  Jamaica's weather is mostly perfect.  England captured Jamaica almost as an afterthought, but it became the jewel in the British colonial crown and still is the Caribbean Jewel after gaining its independence over fifty years ago.

How To Create Your Own Website:

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So we wanted to see who were successful with their Site Build It sites. After seeing all their testimonials and reading about their money back guarantee we decided to try it.

Choose Your Niche

You will use your knowledge to write about something you love doing or enjoy telling others about, that way you'll do better at telling your story and it will be easier to do.

When Christopher Columbus arrived first in Jamaica on May 5, 1494, he called Jamaica the fairest isle he'd ever seen.  He thought the land seems to touch the sky.

You too can do the same and write about your favorite place to travel to. It is a winnable niche that is not too broad and has the ability to rank high on the results page for keyword searches.

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Building Content First

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About Us Journey Begins

We hope you enjoyed reading about us and the creation of our website and the best part is Sitesell will work for you just like it has for us.

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