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Jamaica resorts offer numerous ways to see and explore this island the jewel of the Caribbean. If this is your first time traveling here, the first thing to do is to book your accommodations.  The good news is there are some fantastic options available to you. They offer wonderful resort stays where you'll find yourself in paradise.

As you consider where you'll stay, remember there are various types of accommodations available to you.

  • Hotels are widely available, including those that run along the coastline.

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  • Resorts are larger and often have more amenities than the traditional hotels. You'll find many resorts offer an all-inclusive stay, where you don't need to leave the resort area for anything.

  • Villas are larger and usually one family units. These are traditional Jamaican style, sometimes mansion like. Some are spacious homes located on the beach, with expansive pools.

As you consider your options on where to stay, keep in mind that some of the best accommodations are quaint homes that are offered for rent.

You'll find a wide range of condos, hotels and motels. These are often less expensive, with some close to their own private beach, and others not located on the beach. They may be several miles inland. They're a great way to see the island inexpensively.

Jamaica Resorts Honeymoon Options

When it comes to picking a resort for your Jamaican honeymoon, or a couple's getaway, one of the options is a couple's resort. These resorts cater to just adults, which mean that you can enjoy each other’s company easier and feel more relaxed.

Some offer spas, massages and in room amenities such as spa tubs. They're one of the best options for those who're looking for romantic and sexy appeal to them.

Couples Vacations are the best way to enjoy some private time with your loved one at a romantic destination and strengthen your relationship with your partner at an all inclusive resort or spa.

Options At The Resorts

Some amenities are well worth looking for:

  • Seaside rooms often offer the best views.

  • Look for accommodations offering all inclusive benefits if you're looking for affordability and all of the amenities you need. These combine features such as your meals, accommodations and sometimes your airfare.

  • Check out photos of hotels online before investing to learn what they actually offer.

Jamaica resorts are an ideal getaway for families and couples. You need to check out the many options available before booking your trip.

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