Top Reggae Songs
With International Recognition

There have been many top reggae songs over the years that has climbed the music charts all over the world and has taken us by storm.  It is personified as being slinky, rootsy and naturalistic, with a beat characteristic of true Jamaican culture.

Reggae is loved and respected internationally and has been around for more than half a century, taking its essence from other music forms which have been present for hundreds of years.

This evolved genre also helped originate many other styles of music including African-American Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Dub and some later transitions and forms of Dancehall, Mento, Rocksteady and American Ska.

Being so encompassing and rich in its history and heritage, reggae is mostly referred to as the rhythm and sound of the Caribbean.

Some Top Reggae Songs

Like all things Caribbean, the uplifting warm air, the famous crumbly white sand and the lure of sparkling turquoise waters, these top reggae songs and the artists behind their brilliance are considered the best of their breed.

Having won much fame and are celebrated by critics and fans alike around the globe.

Beres Hammond

How about some Sweetness from Mr. Beres Hammond.

Beres has given the world so many great hits over the years including 'Tempted to Touch' 'Rockaway', 'They Gonna Talk', 'Angel Eyes' and Sweetness' just to name a few.

Though he started performing in the 70s, his career peaked in the 1990s. The track 'Fire' released in 1992 also received fame and huge success within the reggae music scene and became one of the most popular songs among is many fans.

A world renowned artist, Beres is loved by millions of fans around the globe for his soft extremely soulful voice and his romantic lovers rock reggae.

Sly and Robbie

Get some Riddim: Best of Sly & Robbie in Dub 1978-1985

A magnificent hit 'Riddim" by the 'masters of groove and propulsion', Sly and Robbie, with their amazing characteristic 'bionic reggae' beats and a rhythm that literally speaks to your soul.

They create such beautiful reggae music, aaah your heart and body will thank you.

These Jamaican duo, comprising of drummer Lowell Dunbar, nicknamed Sly after his favorite musician Sly Stone, and bass guitarist Robert Shakespeare, are considered the most successful and prolific production teams in the reggae music scene.

They have also been humorously nicknamed and are sometimes referred to as Sly Drumbar and Robbie Basspeare, representing their instruments of choice.

Estimated to have played on or produced over 200,000 songs, Sly and Robbie still perform, produce and tour relentlessly.

They have collaborated and produced top reggae songs with artists like Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown, the bank Black Uhuru and many more and have produced hits like 'Lovesound', 'Superthruster', 'Driver' and more.

After being together for over thirty years, their on-record whopping discography includes over a hundred and sixty titles.

Buju Banton

Untold Stories by Buju Banton is considered by many to be his best performance and parallel to Redemption Song by Bob Marley in mood and delivery - this song marked the shift for Buju from dancehall towards roots reggae.

It was one of the many amazing tracks on the acclaimed and widely loved 1995 album Til Shiloh. Other top reggae songs on this album include hits like 'Murderer', 'Til I'm Laid To Rest' and 'Champion'.

Buju Banton has been honored four times by nominations in the Best Reggae Album category by the Recording Academy and won a Grammy Award in the same category in 2011 for his album, Before The Dawn.

Messenger by Luciano

An undisputed hit from the 1997 album of the same name, the song earned Luciano his famous nickname.

Luciano was born in a very religious and musical family. Most of his work reflects his religious and moral beliefs.

In 2008 he released the album United States of Africa focusing his music on global events.

Some of the most famous hits by Luciano over the years include the 1994 reggae smash hit "Shake It Up Tonight', 'Never Give Up My Pride' and 'Sweep Over My Soul' along with reggae tributes such as ones for Michael Jackson's hit 'We are the World' and Bob Dylan's 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'.

In 2007 he was awarded with the 'Order of Distinction' in the rank of Officer for his amazing contribution to reggae music.

Marcia Griffiths

Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths also known as the 'Queen of Reggae', this song made Marcia famous all over the world with its distinct fun tone and light rhythm.

It also was featured in the Billboard Hot 100 singles list and remains the best selling song by any female reggae artist to-date.

Electric Boogie gave birth to the internationally loved dance craze 'Electric Slide', a four wall line dance.

Marcia has been reigning over the reggae scene for over twenty years now, making her own music. Some of her other top reggae songs include 'If You Knew', 'Dreamland', 'My Ambition', 'No, No' and 'Groovin'.

Marcia has also recorded and toured with Beres Hammond, making hits live 'Live On' and 'Focusing Time'.

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley & The Wailers recorded a huge number of hits over the years, including songs like 'Stir It Up', 'Could You Be Love', 'I Shot The Sheriff', 'Jamming', 'Buffalo Soldier', 'One Love' and many more.

Among many prestigious awards won by the band, Bob Marley was awarded a Grammy 'Life Time Achievement' Award in 2001 and also 'Rebel Music', a feature-length documentary about his life, won several Grammy awards.

Peter Tosh

Legalize It is a stirring song by Peter Tosh from his first solo album of the same name recorded in Kingston after leaving the reggae musical band Bob Marley and The Wailers.

This album was released in 1976 and is known as one of the best collections of reggae music to-date.

Peter Tosh won a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 1977 for 'No Nuclear War'.

Peter delivered hits after hits of amazing performances, like 'Wanted Dread and Alive', 'Mystic Man', 'Why Must I Cry', 'Burial', 'Till Your Well Runs Dry' over the years before he was murdered in 1987 while in his home by a three-man gang demanding money from him.

Toots & The Maytals

One of the many hits sung by Fred 'Toots' Hibbert and recorded by one of the best reggae bands to come along, Toots & The Maytals, it is one of those top reggae songs, 54-46 Was My Number: Anthology 1964-2000 that became an iconic hit.

It was seen as one of the defining top reggae songs of the reggae genre.

This lyrics described the band's lead vocalist, Fred's time in prison for an arrest for possession of marijuana.   Fred's is one of the first people who used the word 'reggae' in the band's 1968 hit 'Do The Reggay'.

Their other famous songs include 'Reggae Got Soul', 'Funky Kingston' and 'Pressure Drop'.

These top reggae songs have strong affinity with Jamaica that complement culture, history and traditions of the island like nothing else.

The beauty and charms of Jamaica and reggae have so much magnetism that they easily grab hold of your soul and thus forever captivate you in their beauty.

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