Top Reggae Songs Of All Times

I love reggae songs, its riddim and infectious beat, the spiritual strength, the emotions and its insistence on telling a story no matter how painful or sweet. Mix in this storytelling are the rich powerful words of proverbs, which are our normal statements that refers to so much wisdom.

Ultimate Reggae

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When you think of Jamaica, you can almost hear the rhythm of the drums, pounding out the tropical tunes of the island.  You can even imagine yourself on the beach with a cocktail in hand, enjoying the sound of the ocean waves and the reggae songs.

Jamaica's music is not only for dancing but is part of a unifying communal activity that describes hardship, passions shared, and threatening forces.

Reggae music arouses emotions that no other type of music does.  I think it has something to do with the smoothness of the music... it is sweet music to the ear.

Our Most Famous Reggae Artist

Though Bob Marley, famous for his storytelling and his reggae beats, there are numerous other reggae artists and musicians that should not be overlooked.

Jamaican music typical is the sounds of an island's dream.  And even if you can hear the sound of  steel drums beating outside your window while you are trying to sleep.  It is still a peaceful sound with you knowing that you are in the middle of paradise.

Reggae's Origin

Reggae originated in the late 1960s in Kingston, Jamaica and emerged as a cultural expression around the world with its cool, laid back Calypso beats and sounds.

Much of the musical genre incorporated into reggae music actually began in the slums of the Kingston street. Traditionally, the instruments used in the reggae genre include the bass, drums, brass instruments, guitar, organ and melodica.

Though the term reggae is thought to describe most of the Jamaican music, true reggae stems from ska and rocksteady.

One of reggae's most distinctive characteristics is the accentuation of the offbeat on the second and fourth beats of a 4/4 time.

Percussion instruments are very crucial in this type of music, with snare drums, tom toms, bongos, cowbells, claves and shakers used throughout the music.  The music is slow and steady and just overall laid back.

Often dominant is the bass guitar.  One thing about the lycris of reggae songs is that they often tell of lighter laid back themes and encompass lyrics of love and socializing.

Various Reggae Songs And Artists 

Some of the top reggae artists of all time besides Marley include Peter Tosh - a Kingston native; Dennis Brown - also of Kingston; Jimmy Cliff from St. James, and Sizzla from the Kingston area.

These top reggae performers of all time include "Israelites" by Desmond Dekker & the Aces; "Pressure Drop and 54-46 That's My Number", by Toots & the Maytals; "The Harder They Come" by Jimmy Cliff;  and many other songs by other famous artists.

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