The Best Jamaican
Reggae Musician

Here are my favorite Reggae Musician that are the best musicians the world has come to know. And as you know the term reggae is best defined as "coming from the people".

It was taken from a song "Do The Reggay" written in the 1960s and performed by Jamaica-born "Toots" Hibbert and the Maytals.

But what is reggae and where did it come from?

Reggae is a rich music genre that defines Jamaican traditional music.  It gives base to many others including R&B, American Ska and Mento, which was made famous and brought to the international canvas by these amazing Jamaican reggae musician.

Bob Marley

A legend in the history of Jamaican music industry.

Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945. He was a singer, composer and song writer of reggae music.

His music is famous for their rhythms and social concepts he raised about Jamaica.

Bob was once the lead singer and guitarist for the band "Bob Marley and the Wailer".

He started his musical career in the middle of the twentieth century and promoted Jamaican Reggae music, Rocksteady and Ska to a huge number of audiences worldwide.

Some of his famous hits, and my favorites, include 'Three Little Birds', 'No Woman, No Cry', 'Stir It Up', 'Redemption', 'One Love' and a lot more.

Bob Marley has a great part to play in the image Jamaica has today and is considered the huge reason for the fame and fan following associated with reggae.

Peter Tosh

Peter worked with Bob Marley in his band 'The Wailers' and was an amazing guitarist and a senior member of the band.

Born in Grange Hill, Jamaica, he started performing as a solo Reggae musician in 1976 with the release of his own album 'Legalize It (Legacy Edition)'.

As a singer and composer, he made many classic hits like '(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back (2002 - Remaster)', 'Mystic Man', 'Johnny Be Good', and 'Bush Doctor'.

Freddie McGregor

Freddie McGregor started performing at the very early age of seven. Known in Jamaica as one of the best reggae artist, after Bob's era, he performed many super hits in every genre of Jamaican music like Rocksteady, Ska, Reggae and Dub.

'Do Good and Good Will Follow You' and 'Why Did You Do It' are the best records of the 19970s that he performed.

In 1980 he releases 'Big Ship', which heightened his fame to that of a superstar. And in the early 1990s he disappeared from the music scene for a while and returned in 2000 with incredible performances.

Bunny Wailer

Best voice in the 'The Wailer's band.

Bunny Wailer went off the music scene after the band broke up and he emerged back in the 1970s with hits like 'Rootsman Skanking', Liberation', 'Rule Dancehall'. and Blackheart Man'.

After the death of Marley and Peter, reggae fans hoped Bunny would take charge, but that was not what he wanted.

His high-pitched yet melodious voice still echoes in the hearts of many admirers including myself.

Alton Ellis

Alton Ellis was known as one of the very first and best vocalist before Bob Marley.

He started singing Ska and touched the peak of fame during the Rocksteady era, captivating many fans with remarkable performances of his time.

Even during Bob Marley's time, Alton Ellis was still known as a forerunner when it came to Jamaican music.

Dennis Brown

In the 1960s Dennis was known as the undisputed prince of reggae music in Jamaica.

His tenor-like voice was liked and followed by many thousands of reggae music lovers until his death.

Some of his golden hits include 'Money in the Pocket', 'Queen Majesty' and 'Here I Come'.

Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff started his career at the age of fourteen and changed his last name from Chambers to Cliff.

He performed at numerous local shows and gained fame with the collaboration of Island Records during the 1970s.

His greatest hits include 'One Eyed Jacks', 'Kings of Kings' and 'Pride and Passion' back from when radio started streaming reggae all the way from Jamaica to the US.

Reggae music and reggae musician are now known and appreciated internationally.

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