Reggae Gospel

Reggae gospel was not at first appreciated in Jamaica, especially among the religious community.  But with time, this rhythmic style of gospel is getting hugely popular and successful.

The music is passionate with soul-stirring harmonies that sings to your soul.  

When I need that spiritual up-lifting I turn to this collection of contemporary Praise and Worship songs featuring some of the genres most influential artists.

The distinctive voices, familiar verses and appealing rhythms give Caribbean Gospel a unique blend to satisfy any music fan.

The Internet, with the help of social media, has been a tremendous asset in bringing the work of gospel artist to the masses.

What Is Reggae Gospel?

It is the singing of christian music with rhythms and beats in Jamaican reggae style.  To understand this type of rhythm and beat you have to know how this music originated and ask the question What Is Reggae Music.

Reggae music started in the 1960s but reggae christian music started in the 1990s.  So compared to other forms and genres of music and particularly to the gospel itself, it is very new.

These artists and evangelists believe that Christianity is all about spreading the message of Jesus's life and death, and so is reggae gospel. With its tenor-like, unique and crisp tone of gospel music, the sound is very charismatic.

From the early 2000s to-date, this form of music has gotten huge endorsements and appreciation. Gospel artists, composers and music teachers have all played a vital role in making it successful.

The younger generation are more acceptancing of this type of music which is still strongly opposed by some Christian ministries.

But, it is now believed that a large percentage of the Jamaican population has accepted this revolutionary form of art; and everyone else will slowly come to accept it.

Works Of Some Famous Christian Artists

Carlene Davis - one of the most dynamic singing artiste and Hall of Fame award winner and Carlene Davis belongs to Jamaica. Some of her best works include True Worship , 'Redeemed', Rock Me Jesus, 'Alive For Jesus' and Christmas Reggae Rock.

Avion Blackman is a member of the Christafari bank, and quickly became famous. Avion's work is known as a perfect blend of roots reggae, traditional folk and work. Her most famous works include Onyinye, 'Third World Girl', and Sweet Life.

DJ Nicholas was raised in a christian family where eventually converted to Christianity and then decided to devote his life to the work of God. His famous works include Louder Than Ever and 'On The Shout' to name a few.

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