Reggae Clothing:
With The Vibrant Colors of
Green, Yellow And Red

Reggae clothing trends are a tribute to the great music and its artists and depicts cultures, themes and colors related to the music genre.

If this type of apparel is your latest trend, learn how to choose the best from the available options on this web page and also in your wardrobe.

Reggae Music

Reggae music developed around the late 1960s, and has gained worldwide popularity for its unique defining beat of music.

Though reggae is thought to have been created by the fusion of ska and rocksteady, though comparatively slower than both types, it is also characterized by off-beat accents that are known as skank.

Bob Marley is our most famous and memorable artist of this music genre.

Clothing And Accessories

Reggae clothing is more oriented towards the African culture and portrays Ethiopian symbols and colors. Pan African colors like green, yellow and red are very common in these types of clothing and accessories.

It is also knows as Rastafarian style owing to its African connection.

Dressing in reggae trends requires projecting a cool, relaxed and natural look. Simple, comfortable and vibrant-colored garments contribute to the essentials of reggae trend.

Tees, tanks, sweats, jeans, pants and any other casual garment along with accessories like bags, belts, bands, watches, etc, can complete your clothing list.

Pan African colors form the fundamentals of this type of clothing and so hence colors like green, yellow and red might prove indispensable.

Add to your collection garments that contain all these three colors or multiple garments that can be combined for a single use.

For example, finding a tee that has all red, green and yellow colors might be difficult, hence a layered mix of red tee with a green and yellow shirt would match.

Bob Marley Apparels And Accessories

Bob Marley - Rasta Tam Womens T-Shirt in Asphalt

You can find t-shirts or accessories with Bob Marley's impression on this page.

To accent these tops, to wear with your jeans, choose one that is light and acid washed in color. Rips or tears in the jeans would serve as an added advantage.

It is important that you do not choose dark colored jeans for this kind of trend.

Concentrate on the accessories as it also plays a vital role in your reggae touch. Black can also be combined with these colors occasionally.

Again ensure that your accessories are red, green or yellow in color.

Use a wool hat with pan African colors or a headband or scarf of the same theme to suit your clothes.

Growing dreadlocks can suit your dressing trends though you can also consider buying a wig.

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