The Charm Of Old School Reggae

Old school reggae is often associated with Jamaican tradition and as it stemmed out of the poor communities, it was considered that it needed revival and more promotion.

And, the term old school is also used for something that is no longer at the forefront of consciousness or memory of people around.

Even people who may have witnessed something spectacular long ago is considered to be "old school", in a way, part of a community that no longer exists.

In the context of what is reggae music, it has gone through a number of variation and the initial format has been left behind.

This term also referred to the popular music that came along with other rave and hip-hop music and sub-cultures around the 1970s and 1980s.

As the production quality of audio music for various genres improved, the old school sound started sounding more like beat boxes or video games.

Probably the music needed a deliberate change of beats.

Old School Singers

Bob Andy And Marcia Griffiths

It was only when singers such as Bob and Marcia, Desmond Dekker and Third World burst onto the reggae existence, that popularity of old time reggae music reached substantial heights.

Bob and Marcia were Jamaican old school vocal duo that consisted of two excellent artists named Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths. Their popular number named "To Be Young Gifted and Black (Officially Performed By Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths)" had hit the charts at No. 5 in the UK hit single in 1970. Soon they came up with their second song called "Pied Piper" that reached the No. 11 spot in the music countdown of UK singles in 1971.

Both songs are known to have remained in the countdown consistently for twenty-five weeks in a span of less than seventeen to eighteen months.

Their partnership ended midway through the 1970s, but their songs of old school reggae still remained with the fans.

Desmond Dekker

Desmond Dekker born on July 16, 1941 sang ska, rocksteady and ultimately reggae.

He was a singer, a songwriter and an excellent musician. He was part of a group called The Aces which consisted of Wilson James and Easton Barrington Howard.

One of his biggest hits has been "Israelites". It was a hit worldwide.

Other amazing reggae numbers include "007 Shanty Town" released in 1967 and another one named "It Miek" in 1969.

Before even Bob Marley came into the reggae scene, Dekker was considered to be the most popular artist of Jamaica.

He truly belonged to the old school genre of reggae!

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