What Is New Reggae Music

Do you know who first popularized the new reggae music?

It was Bob Marley, with his poetry of words set to great musical beats plus the swinging of his beautiful dreadlocks, stepped into the reggae music scene in the 1970s giving music lover a taste of what is reggae.

His name is still remembered among the young and the old simply because he was the one who brought the reggae beats onto the international platform.

Along with other reggae singers such as Johnny Nash, they were able to successfully introduce the reggae worldwide.

This new music is the descendent of rocksteady and most Jamaicans were not too fond of the name rocksteady.

But, using a completely unique version of a song called Fat Man, an artist named Derrick Morgan transformed the beats and created a creep using a rhythm guitar.

Before Reggae

Ska was introduced to Jamaica in the 1960s, which happened to be the first style of music which was unique in a lot of ways and enjoyed for many years.

Then another version of Jamaican music came along called Rocksteady.

Variations of Reggae

Ragamuffin is a version of reggae music and Cecil Campbell, better known as Ini Kamoze was one of the first artist to experiment with the sound.

He came up with his digital tracks of Here Comes the Hotstepper. This song was No 1 in 1995 and also became part of a movie called Ready to Wear or Pret-a-Porter.

Shaggy - Reggae Music Artist

Another excellent reggae artist is Shaggy who began singing around the 1990s.

He emerged as one of the most famous dancehall reggae artist emerging from the new reggae sound with the song It Wasn't Me.

Here is your chance to view and purchase Shaggy's reggae rhythm music collection.

It was immediately an international hit topping the charts to its peppy Jamaican beats.

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