The Richness And Unique Taste
Of Jamaican Coffee

Jamaican coffee is widely known as the best tasting coffee, and is popular for its richness and unique taste. Be it a special occasion or a gift to your friends, the blue mountain coffee is a blend with unmatched quality.

Jablum Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Ground, 16 oz bag

But in spite of its popularity, expensiveness and taste, the quality of the coffee can at times be under question due to the incorporation of foreign investments in the Jamaica Coffee Industry.

So make sure your java is of the original high quality coffee blend, and so, is worth the price.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

The Blue Mountain Coffee is the most popular and most expensive type of coffee. It is grown in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. These mountains are located between Kingston and Port Antonio and rise to a height of about 7,500 feet.

The rich soil, with excellent drainage system, and the cool misty climate makes it an ideal place for growing coffee plants. The cultivation of coffee in these regions is monitored by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board and is certified by them before a sale.

Tia Maria - Its Flavor

The coffee is attributed mostly to its mild flavor, devoid of bitterness that is typical to coffee from around the world. This difference in taste makes it one of the most popular and expensive coffee types.

Other than being used for brewing the beverage, these coffee beans are also used as flavor base for preparing Tia Maria coffee liqueur.

Jablum Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Ground, 16 oz bag

Jamaican Coffee Production

Our Blue Mountain Coffee beans are unfortunately not produced in high quantities due to the limited area that is available for growing them. As a method of increasing the quantity and to reduce the processing time, many new plans were implemented replacing the traditional methods which significantly decreased the quality of the coffee beans.

The Coffee Board has since then set up preventative and corrective standards to improve the quality of the Blue Mountain coffee, returning to its unique and rich flavor.

Pricing Of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Because it is popular and expensive, many vendors started selling inferior coffee, by mixing the coffee beans with other blends, to take advantage of the price.

Therefore to not be denied the original high flavored Jamaican Coffee, it is advisable to make sure you are purchasing the high quality of original Blue Mountain Coffee by looking for the seal of the Jamaica Coffee Board.

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