Delicious Food From Jamaica
Our Meals Are Spicy And Succulent

Food from Jamaica can be found from a roadside shack, to the kitchen of a five star hotel in Jamaica.

Fried DumplingsAckee and Saltfish, Food from JamaicaAckee

Jamaican foods is best experienced in home cooking or a close second is the wayside food stalls along tourist routes that are characterized by quaint shelters with even more quaint names.

If you only stick to the resort-hotel restaurants food from Jamaica you will never taste the great variety of seasonal fruits and dishes.

Specialties Of Food From Jamaica

Bammy is made from cassava a tuberous root vegetable. It is flatten out and round and then fried.

Breadfruit a round green fruit that can be roasted, boiled and fried. It is delicious especially when eaten with ackee.

Breadfruit, Food from JamaicaBreadfruit

Callaloo is a leafy green vegetable that can be cooked like spinach.

Callaloo, Food from JamaicaCallaloo, Fried Dumpling and Plantains

Festival a mixture of cornmeal and flour, more cornmeal than flour, is sausage shaped and fried. Served with jerk chicken, jerk pork and fried fish.

Main Dish

One of the staple food from Jamaica is the rice and peas that is served with meats and fish.

Rice and Peas, Food from JamaicaJerk Chicken, Rice and peas, and vegetables

Jamaicans are veggie friendly. Every meal is served with either a salad or steamed vegetables that may include cabbage, callaloo, or okra.

Seafood Snapper Fish

Our seafood is always freshly caught and so the taste of our escoveitch fish is exquisite.

Jamaican Fruits

Ackee is a tropical evergreen tree with leathery leaves and has a white fragrant blossom. The ackee fruit has a red skin pod that covers the yellow flesh with shiny black seeds. When this fruit is ripe the pear shape fruit splits open.

Ackee tree, Jamaica's national dishAckee in its pod hanging from the tree

Be warned, ackee is poisonous if eaten before it is fully ripe. Never force open the pod. The pods opens when it is ready to be picked.

Guinep looks like green grapes but has a thicker skin with a large seed covered by a think layer of sweet fleshy pulp.  Be careful when eating this fruit because it can stain your clothe.

Pomegranate tree grow very tall, has numerous seeds. We had one in our yard.  The juice from this fruit also stains so be careful when eating.


Red Stripe Beer, Jamaica beerRed Stripe Beer

Whenever we get together or have a visitor one of the first question is what would you like to drink and we are not referring to coffee or tea.  Having a drink is an intrinsic part of our socializing and every household has a bottle of white rum and some beer.

Red Stripe is Jamaica's famous beer, along with other alcoholic drinks like Dragon Stout, Guinness and Heineken that is brewed under license locally.  Jamaica produces many liqueurs,some with rum, coffee beans and fruits.

As you can see Jamaica's food is influence by the African and Indian with their love of spices and other aromatic ingredients.


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