Cultural Attractions In Jamaica

It is no big surprise that there are plethora of cultural attractions in Jamaica for you our visitors to see and enjoy.  You'll find botanical gardens, museums with rare musical instruments, unique church that has columns built of mahogany, and great heritage houses.

Though we are considered a small nation, there is no way one can ignore the strong cultural global presence of Jamaica.  Our Jamaican culture is diverse historical and with literature elements.

So read on to understand the unique and rare attractions you will find in this beautiful tourist destination.

Coyaba River Garden And Museum

Coyaba River Garden and Museum, Cultural Attractions in Jamaica

The Coyaba River Garden and Museum can easily satisfy your botanical and historical appetite.

Located in Ocho Rios, the museum takes you through the history of Jamaica starting from the pre-Columbus times. The pools filled with koi and turtles, natural springs, waterfalls and gardens add to the beauty of this museum.

This cultural attraction is a must see.

Plantation Houses That Are Cultural Attractions in Jamaica


Greenwood Great House, Cultural Attractions in Jamaica
Greenwood Marble Flooring, Cultural Attractions in Jamaica

Are you a fan of architectural beauty, then this town of Falmouth is a literal goldmine.  It is the capital and chief town of Trelawny parish in Jamaica, it was founded by Thomas Reid in 1769 and name after the Falmouth in England. Known once as the 'Paris of the Indies' the town was one of the cosmopolitan city of the world.

The rich literature heritage and the splendid buildings that once adorned the building still contribute to its historical legacy.

Like the St. Peter's Anglican Church building with its supporting columns of solid mahogany and its floors inlaid with crosses of mahoe and mahogany.

The Greenwood Great House that houses the largest collection of unique and rare musical instruments.

The town is a national monument in Jamaica and has been declared a World Heritage site by the United Nations.

Now we have the mammoth cruise ships, Oasis and Allure of Royal Caribbean Cruise line docking in Falmouth.

Walker's Wood

Cultural Attractions in Jamaica, Walkers Wood in Falmouth

Walker's Wood is a beautiful community among the Tolkienesque hills of St. Ann.

The village is known for its famous spices and condiments produced by using Jamaican ingredients which are also produced by the local farmers within their own community.

The village center, Walker's Wood farm, Craft market and the highway buildings are few of the places that are worth visiting during your trip and are major cultural attractions in Jamaica.

Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay, Cultural Attractions in Jamaica

This is a must see tour. When I visited this gracious and beautiful great house and, even though it has been more than a century, I still felt Annie Palmer's presence. They have maintained her spirit here through the decorations and furniture.

The white witch's horror still echoes in the Rose Hall.

Housed on 6,600 acre plantation, the house is a witness to the cruelty and atrocities of Annie Palmer who was involved in the torture of thousands of slaves and the murder of her three husbands.

A woman not to be messed with.

Some of the rooms offer a breath-taking view of Jamaica and the surrounding mountain villages, villas, hotels, beaches and golf courses.

Located in Montego Bay, the hall is open for public viewing from 9 am to 6 pm seven days a week.

Fire Fly

Fire Fly home of playwright Noel Coward, Cultural Attractions in Jamaica

Nick-named due to the frequent visits from the insect in the evenings, the house is the historical vacation place of playwright Noel Coward.

Situated about twenty miles from Ocho Rios, the house has accommodated many celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and others and can you image even Queen Elizabeth II, stayed here.

A quick tour of the house can earn you a good interior look, pictures of the house and the burial ground of Noel Coward.

These are not just cultural attractions in Jamaica but the very basic historical foundation of Jamaica. The cultural attractions of Jamaica are huge and this list is just a sampling.

Plan your visit and get visually conquered by these architectural beauty and our historical heritage.

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