Car Rental Kingston Jamaica
One Of The Best Way To Get Around

Car Rental Kingston Jamaica

Interested in Car Rental Kingston Jamaica? Then renting a car is one of the best way of getting around this beautiful and scenic island of Jamaica. And, remember we drive on the left-hand side of the road.

There are several major international and also locally owned car rental services in Kingston that are affordable and flexible.  With plenty of options available to choose from with each offering an appealing price and set of services. It is best to go through the most common service plans and find out how it fits in with your needs.

Below are some vital tips that every traveler must consider before planning to rent a car for their Jamaican holiday.

Keep in mind that car rental Kingston Jamaica and public transportation are available and our Tourism authorities actively promote and finance these services.

Planning Your Rental

  • Book in advance. This is especially important in the peak season as rentals often run out of cars to rent with an astounding number of tourists coming into Kingston.

  • Last minute bookings cost a little more than advance bookings.

  • Some rental companies include unlimited distance, while some set limits and charge fees if you go over these pre-set limits.

  • If you are traveling off season cheaper car rental rates do apply.

  • Most car rental companies require US$500.00 rental deposit. Credit cards are accepted and you can find car rental services that accept cash. And remember to always keep copies of all your paperwork handy.

  • You must be at least 21 years old. Some companies will only rent to individual 25 years old, and older.

  • Reconfirm your rental before your arrival.

  • Read review and get advice from any of your acquaintances who have previously been to Kingston.

Some Recommended Car Rental Kingston Jamaica Service Providers

Below are some of the reasonable and proven car rental Kingston Jamaica services to help you out with the research process:

  • Island Car Rentals Ltd. - This is one of the oldest car rental services which is located in Kingston and Montego Bay and is licensed by the Jamaican Tourist Board. They offer online reservation and online car rental rate calculation to help you find the best deal for your business tour or family vacation.

  • E-Z Rent-A-Car - They claim to offer high quality customer support and competitive rates. You will be provided with GPS service, free book and can pay using cash. This service is offered to individuals who are without a credit card. But be prepared to pay more.

  • Argus Car Hire - If you are looking for low rates and pick/drop to and from the Kingston International Airport, Argus car hire will help you out. They will organize car rentals for you and will assist you in choosing the best car rental within your budget. Offering from luxury to economy class vehicles.

Like Spontaneity?

If you find yourself with not much time or heart for online research and advance booking, car hire offices are present right at the Kingston International Airport and they offer reasonable rates.

These offices include those of Bargain Rent-A-Car, Liberty/Hertz, Island Car Rentals, Praise Tours and Auto Rentals, International Rentals/Budget, Sunbird Car Rentalsl/Manzee and Kosmo Car Rentals.

During the peak season you may have to compromise with the type of vehicle you get as there are literally hundreds of tourist coming into Kingston every day, and most are looking to rent a car.

But with all the car hire offices there, it is unlikely you will leave without a good deal.  Car rental Kingston Jamaica is easy, convenient and will allow you to see Jamaica at your pace. Reserve your car today.

Public Transportation - Buses

Kingston has a municipal bus system that goes throughout the town that only stops at official or assigned bus stops.  Jamaica Urban Transport Co. who runs the municipal bus system, operates a fleet of Mercedes-Benz and Volvo buses, with accessibility for the disabled.

Bus fees are quite nominal.

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