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Reggae Lovers Paradise - Jamaica

Issue #008 - September 2nd, 2011

Welcome to Reggae Lovers Paradise - Jamaica newsletter with information on hiking. If you are an adventure lover then hiking the Blue Mountains and its surrounding areas are not to be missed. We also outline upcoming jazz festival to get your feet moving and of course we entice your taste buds with a Jamaica specialty.

So here are the highlights:

  • Things To Experience
  • Places To Visit
  • Events To Look Forward To
  • Activities Not To Be Missed On Your Trip
  • Treat Your Taste Buds

Things To Experience - Hiking The Blue Mountains

If you are looking for some adventure on your trip to Jamaica and want to do something different than relaxing on Jamaica's white sandy beaches, a hike through the poetically beautiful Blue Mountains could be perfect for you.

The Blue Mountains form the largest mountain range in Jamaica and include the island's highest point, the Blue Mountain Peak at 2256 m (7402 ft).

From the top of the peak you can easily view both the North and the South coasts of the island and on a clear day you can even see the outline of the island of Cuba from here.

The hike through the mountains, named after their particular color appeal from a distance, is lead by an experienced guide and is one beautiful journey you are sure to remember for a lifetime.

This is undoubtedly the best hiking attraction you'll find in the Caribbean.

The local guides will assist you as you pass through the magnificent tropical rainforests and the famous coffee plantation.

There are also trails which you can take yourself or with a guide (some are long and difficult) including Gordon Town Trail and the Botanical Gardens also known as the "Panorama Walk".

The views here are nothing short of spectacular. You will see and experience the most breath-taking and scintillating views throughout the hike until you reach the top which shows the bird's eye of the whole exotic island of Jamaica.

The panoramic views alone are enough for anyone to wish to go on the hike.

And what better place to enjoy the world famous Blue Mountain coffee other than right where it is grown.

Places To Visit - Whitfield Hall

If you are looking for a place different than your normal luxury vacation style resort and would like to experience something different... like a secluded and soothing atmosphere, as part of your hike to the Blue Mountains, then Whitefield Hall is a must included visit for you.

On your way to the Blue Mountain Peak, Whitfield Hall can be your first stop before you start your climb.

Whitfield Hall is one of the few places that's still a secret, which in itself is one of the things that is so unique about this place.

The place itself, the serene environment and the people there will make your stay a memory you'll rejoice for years to come.

Getting there can be tough.... You have to park your cars/other vehicles at Mavis Bank. Or you can take a minibus from Kingston to Mavis Bank.

From there you can either take a strenuous walk to the place or hire a 4-wheel drive vehicle to take you to Whitfield Hall. The cost is pretty reasonable, from about US$20.00, approximately, for the round trip per vehicle. Getting to Whitfield Hall in itself is an experience on its own.

Whitfield Hall is not luxurious and totally opposite to the all-inclusive resorts at the beaches. But the atmosphere is totally romantic. Lit with gas lamps, making this stop serene and relaxing. Then you will enjoy the heavenly smell of the nearby eucalyptus trees wafting over the wind will certainly make you love this place.

The wonderful mountain landscapes along the way and the exotic scenery coupled with the friendly people you'll meet along the way will make this short but delightful trip one of your best experiences while in Jamaica.

On top of all this the fresh Blue Mountain coffee served there is absolutely intoxicating, plus you get to take home with you fresh coffee beans when you leave.

Events To Look Forward To

Planning a trip in the upcoming months, especially January?

Make a note not to miss the up-coming Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. Here is the year round schedule of festivals in Jamaica.

The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival is an annual music mega-event which hosts musicians and entertainers from all over the world and is a venue for the local musicians to show the world their talent.

The festival has over the years gained the reputation of being the most prestigious entertainment event in the Caribbean.

The 2012 event will be held in Montego Bay from January 26th to 28th.

Performers for this event will be named soon, to-date Monica will be one of the performers, but I'll guarantee that it is going to be a star packed event, especially with 2012 being Jamaica's 50th Year of Independence.

Some of the well known past performers includes names like Billy Ocean, Air Supply, Alicia Keys, lots of well known Jamaican reggae artists and many more. The splendor of the environment and the setting of the infectious vibe of Jamaica make this event even more special and poetic.

The musical gala and the enthusiasm of the people at this event is nothing like you have every witnessed before.

Last year the festival completed its 15th year since birth and each year it becomes better and more gigantic.

You can choose the nights you wish to attend, according to the names of the performers, through the tickets and packages offered by your resort.

So if you are planning to be in Jamaica in the next couple of months, it is highly recommended that you plan your trip around the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival's dates and do not miss this amazing entertainment event.

Activities Not To Be Missed On Your Trip

Jamaica has a huge variety of adventurous activities to offer to its leisure travelers. These include land and water sports, both indoors and outdoors. When booking yourself and your friends or family an all-inclusive package to some of the amazing resorts on the island, remember to look at the included activities and amenities. The most favorite and sought after are the variety of watersports. Most of the resorts cover the cost of these activities within your all-inclusive package.

There are so many watersports to fulfill each and everyone's desires, no matter what the age. Some of the available sports include professional scuba diving (courses to new learners are offered both within the all-inclusive package and on separate rates), snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, sail boating, motor boating, water polo, water aerobics, glass-bottom boats, surfing, barefoot water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, windsurfing, yachting, parasailing, kite-boating and many more.

Every resort may not offer all of the above mentioned activities but most include some if not all of these. You will have to research the different packages to find one which best suites your needs.

Treat Your Taste Buds

Here is a quick and easy Jamaican recipe for making Coconut Drops, which you can prepare and enjoy with your loved ones sitting at home anywhere in the world.

The ingredients you'll need are:

  • 2 cups of diced coconut

  • 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger

  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla

  • 1 pinch of salt

  • Brown sugar

  • Water

How To Prepare

Boil about 3 to 4 cups of water and add all ingredients (you can add sugar and salt according to your taste).
Keep stirring and boiling for 30 minutes or until the mixture becomes sticky.
Remove from heat and pour onto a greased tin sheet in the form of cubes or drops with the help of a spoon.
Let the drops (cubes) cool down.


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Keep enjoying and sharing our tips and recipes with your friends and family.

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