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Jamaica Reggae Music Vacation Lovers - Sports
And Outdoor Activities Jamaica

Issue #007 - August 9, 2011

Welcome to our monthly newsletter. Let's review this month's highlights:

  • Sports And Outdoor Activities Jamaica - a Jamaican obsession

  • Cricket - The national game, but a spectator sports.

  • Water-sports - Of all kinds.

  • Golf - Jamaica has twelve magnificent championship golf courses.

  • Biking And Hiking - A good way to get a flavor of the Jamaican country-side.
  • Other Activities.

Sports And Outdoor Activities Jamaica

Sports is a Jamaican obsession with many Jamaica born world-class athletes.

So you'll find our newspapers and TV news awash with sports reports.


This is our national game.

We all have an opinion on cricket and bringing it up in any conversation with a Jamaican is a sure-fire way to break the ice.

Cricket consists of two teams of eleven players.

The match is divided into innings, when one team bats and the other fields. The number of innings for each match depends on the type of competition. For a one day match you have one inning per team and for test matches there are two innings per team.

The aim of every match is to limit the runs scored and get the batsmen 'out' with two players from the batting side on the pitch at any one time.

The bowling side has a bowler, a wicket keeper and nine fielders. Two umpires, one standing behind the stumps at the bowler's end and one square on the to the play, and are responsible for deciding when a batsman is out.

This is just the bare rudiments of the game.

If you get the chance to attend a match at Sabina Park, in Kingston, you'll find the atmosphere very Jamaican, with reggae music playing, some jerk chicken, Red Stripe beer and a full scale party at the Mound stand.

You can also enjoy a game of cricket at the Greenfield Stadium in Trelawny, which was built for the Cricket World Cup in 2007.

Or at some smaller venues throughout the island at Melbourne Oval in Kingston, Chedwin Park near Spanish Town, Alpart Sports Club in St. Elizabeth, Jarrett Park in Montego Bay and Kaiser sports ground in Discovery Bay, St. Ann.

For more information on West Indies cricket, visit this website at

Another relatively new national game is - football, (soccer) - that is becoming even more popular amongst our young people since the Jamaica's national team the Reggae Boyz qualified for the 1998 World Cup.

You can find out more about the Reggae Boyz games at this website at


There are some beautiful rainbow-hued marine life amongst the coral reef for you to enjoy along the shoreline east of Ocho Rios to Galina Point.

Seen are some impressive fishes located there for you to indulge in your passion of scuba diving and snorkeling.

You will see coral reefs that are among the most spectacular in the Caribbean, with multitudes of parrot, angel and trigger fish as well as moray eels, turtles and of course the barracuda.

But there are several wreck dives, good trenches, and wall dives off the coast of Negril.

For beginners there are one-day introductory resort courses that offers basic instructions and a short supervised shallow dive close to shore.

The main resorts are packed with operators offering dive trips and snorkeling excursion.

If this is one of your passion you'll have a very enjoyable day.

Get more information on scuba-diving in Jamaica.

Also if you want to get away from the crowd you can do some river swimming in the Rio Grande in Portland, the Great River in Montego Bay and the White River in Ocho Rios.


There are approximately twelve championship golf courses in the island, with Jamaica sporting the best championship links in the West Indies.

One of the best is the White Witch of Rose Hall Golf Course, Montego Bay. Set on 198 acres of lush greenery in Jamaica's old plantation country.

The course was created by Robert von Hagge, and he designed the golf course to go up and down the mountains, with panoramic vistas of the sea visible from the 16 of the 18 holes.

You'll feel and enjoy the cool ocean spray as you play alongside the Caribbean sea.

Come and experience this golf course and I'll like to hear your own exciting story about this magnificent golf course.

Biking and Hiking

At most resorts you can sign up for an escorted biking tour that will take you to the top of Jamaica's highest mountain point, the Blue Mountain Peak.

You have to see the beautiful flowers and flora blooming along the hillside and unusual colorful birds.

The highlight of the bike tour is the famous Downhill Bicycle Tour with panoramic amazing views in all directions.

A pleasant surprise on this tour is a stop at a refreshing water-fall for a swim.

You are escorted by experienced guides with safety equipment and you will also enjoy a delicious Jamaican brunch and lunch as well.

For hiking it is best to go on a guided hiking tour that is also available in the Blue Mountain or in the Port Antonio areas.

The Maroon Country, near Montego Bay has a challenging hike that leads you deep into Jamaica's interior.

It is strongly recommended that you use a guide for all your hikes, as it is so easy to get lost.

Other Activities

For more enjoyment of sports and outdoor activities Jamaica you can indulge in horseback trail riding, which is another lovely was to explore the country side, unusally plants and views of the Caribbean sea shoreline.

One of the best riding area is on the North Shore east of Runaway Bay.

For a little more adventure head over to Falmouth where you can raft on the Martha Brae.

You sit on a raised seat with padded cushions, while your 'Captain' poles you through the river.

It is an enjoyable experience and gives you a sample of the outback of Jamaica.

The trip last around one and half hours, and it is not necessary to wear a swimsuit, but along the way you can stop and order a cool drink or beer from the banks of the river.


Before you invest in an escorted tour always ask about their cancellation policy.

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