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Let's have a look at the highlights of this month's issue:

  • Sightseeing Jamaican Art and Craft
  • Cuisine of the Week
  • Fashion Trends
  • What's New for Vacations?
  • Attraction of the Week

Sightseeing Jamaican Art and Craft

Caribbean art is considered one of the best and most exotic art-form in the world. You can get stunning artwork and crafts for your homes and offices or even as gifts for your loved ones. Reggae wears, decoration items, belts, floor mats and wooden sculptures having unique polish and stained finish are certainly collective for your home. Moreover, paintings and wall hangings brushed by many incredible hands depict countless tales belonging to this land an the true culture of Jamaica.

Best thing about Jamaican art and craft is it's being rich, traditional and modernized all at the same time which makes it much more picturesque. Jamaican art is one of those which have evolved through the ages and yet still retain their original magnificence. For your next tour, don't forget to visit an art gallery and shops to get yourself the colorful and crisp taste of these artworks.

Cuisine Of The Week

The third largest Caribbean island is very famous for its flavorful cuisines, most of which are inspired by bountiful cultivation in the area and a blend of African, European, American, Indian and Chinese cuisine and spices. This week we have included the famous Stewed Fish in the Jamaican Gazette for you to try.

  1. You need fish fillets and vegetables like carrots, green onions, tomatoes, red onions and green pepper.
  2. All you need to do is coat fish with a little flour, then fry fish on both sides in a little oil until it turns a nice golden color.
  3. Drain most of the oil from pan leaving only a tablespoon. Add vegetables in the pan. After a few minutes of cooking, add fish stock and some salt and pepper.
  4. Simmer for a while and then add fish and cook until you get a nice thick gravy. Your stewed fish is ready to eat.
  5. You can make variations of this dish. For instance you can add chicken instead of fish.
  6. You can also add other vegetables if you like. According to your taste, you may even supplement it with sauces and seasonings as well.

Fashion Trends

This time around we decided to help you out with what you will be wearing on your vacation to Jamaica. Here is a quick review of Jamaican Fashion.

The weather is mostly warm during the day and becomes comfortably cool at night. Both locals and you our guest prefer to wear loose, colorful and comfortable clothes. Light colors like sky blue, sea green and pink are mostly worn during the day time. White with some darker shades like brown, mustard color and maroon are preferred during the night and long and knee length gowns are also popular at parties.

Jamaican fashion is also influenced from modern western styles. There are many new trends for men, women and children blended traditionally with the Jamaican look and feel. Nearly all restaurants and bars in Jamaica have a casual dress code with only some diners having the requirement for formal wear.

What's New For Vacations

Along with the stimulating experience of swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing in the our crystal blue Caribbean waters, Montego Bay bring a truly enthralling underwater adventure for your to explore!

The air-conditioned boat Coral Sea is ready to take you to the underwater world of the Caribbean. This mind blowing adventure is for everyone who wants to see the mystifying sea life.

You just sit in the boat and enjoy turtles, fishes and aquatic life from glass windows. The boat is built like a submarine with crew, safety measures and other facilities to make this tour a remarkable experience for you.

This tour usually starts at around 11:00 am in the mornings and ends before 2:00 pm. It is however advised to confirm the tours exact timings and days.

If you are planning a vacation to Jamaica, especially if you are taking your kids along, you should definitely plan to experience this enthralling undersea tour.

Attraction Of The Month - The Royal Palm Reserve

For nature lovers Royal Palm Reserve is a one of a kind attraction. Royal Palm Reserve is a lush thick forest located in Negril, Jamaica and has over one hundred plant species and more than three hundred different wild life species. Being one of the widely visited eco-tourism attraction, Royal Palm is away from the busy life of the city and is located at a much more tranquil place.

The Royal Palm stretches across 300 acres of land. You will find many species of flowers there such as wicker vine, anchovy pear and saw grass. On a walk through this natural reserve there are whistling ducks, herons, egrets and hawks and several endangered animals housing the mangroves. There is a tower lying 30 feet above the surface from where you can have a bird's eye view of the forest and animals. You can also see the Black Lake and crocodiles lurking in the water.

Plan a day trip with your family or friends and take your favorite snacks and a camera with you. This is going to be a very relaxing experience in Negril for you and the best possibility to see wildlife in the lush tropical foliage.


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